Welcome to Silverwood Lasering in York!

Hello and thankyou for visiting our website!  A small friendly team with a state of the art laser ready to cut, etch, engrave and produce your work on a multitude of substrates from Acrylics to Wood with most of the alphabet inbetween!


From single items and prototypes to larger production runs - Whether you're a student or large company , come and have a chat to see how we can help you..


What can be marked?

Most plastics, wood, fabrics etc. and some ceramics can be either etched, marked and cut. We can accept batches from one item to many thousands. From simple logos for corporate gifts, nameplates, labels, keyboards, plated parts, moulded parts, cast parts, fascia plates. You name it, we can probably mark it!

We can laser mark and cut most plastics, and intricately cut card, leather and papers.


We also engrave & cut wood, leather, foam and fabrics!

The diversity of applications is huge, from personalizing products to the demands of fashion and design industries with cutting intricate shapes and engraving on leather goods.


Please not we do not work with metals.

What can be cut?

We can cut most materials up to approximately 5-6mm thick but not metals. Leather, wood, paper, felt, card, fabrics, acrylic sheet, most plastics etc. cut well.

How do we do it?

We use a precisely controlled laser beam is used either to discolour the surface of a component or to vaporise material. The laser parameters and the laser’s position can be precisely controlled to provide high contrast marks in the form of barcodes, logos and graphics. If a surface is painted then the laser can be used to precisely remove paint.

 We have the capabilities to laser engrave or cut a multitude of items, from simple text messages to complete graphics.

Based near York, we are convenient for local designers and businesses, and are very happy for you to pop in for an informal chat about what we can do for you.


Please note we do not work with metals.


Minimum order is £25

sales@silverwoodlasering.co.uk   Tel: 01904 737103